Rautenbach Bye Boerdery has been operating since the 21st century .It is an ever expanding business; leading in quality, integrity and customer satisfaction.

We are professional beekeepers, farming with healthy, disease free bees and producing exceptionally high quality bee related products. Dedication in serving our valued clients to the best of our ability through delivering very high standards in all areas is our priority!

Enjoying our Raw, Organic Monofloral honey and other superior products is a treat. No imported mixtures are sold. Only raw, unheated, unfiltered, unspoiled South African honey and other bee related products. Harvest from real wooden badger friendly bee hives with no plastic parts. Isn't this the real way nature wants us to enjoy their produce?

We are not only specialists when is comes to honey production, but also offer a professional pollination service throughout our area and some distant areas. This service is of a very high standard and the grower or cultivator is satisfied on every aspect!

Our bees are very important to us, making it our goal to handle them with respect. Our passion is sustaining the natural life cycle of bees by safeguarding their natural habitat and nourishing them as nature intended. They deserve the utmost respect considering the very important role they play in our modern day society.

We strive to leave a greener footprint through...Excellence In Bee Keeping !!