...in a fear inspiring way honey was wonderfully made..!

Enjoying our raw, organic, monofloral honey and other superior products is a treat. No imported mixtures are sold, only PURE, RAW, UNHEATED, SOUTH AFRICAN HONEY and other bee related products. Harvested from real wooden badger friendly bee hives with no plastic parts.

Honey Comb

We do not produce the uniform colour honey that one see on the superstore shelf. This honey usually comes from various nectar sources and is blended together to have a uniform colour and therefore a better `honey like` shelf appeal.

The purpose of our monofloral bottling is to allow our consumers to be aware that honey produced at different times in a year/season and from different flowers will have a varying taste, texture and colour.


Isn’t this the genuine way nature wants us to enjoy their produce?

healthy honey

Our Honey Bottling facilities do not apply any heat, filtration or anything unnatural to the honey. We handle the honey with the utmost care and only make use of high grade stainless steel equipment. We strive to supply the highest quality product to our customers….honey so natural and superb tasting you’ll munch the entire jar in the first day!

We are also determent in leaving a greener footprint and promote a healthy lifestyle by using glass honey jars. Come on, we all know it…honey just tastes better in glass!! Due to consumer needs, courier services and larger quantities we also bottle our raw honey in food safe PET plastic squeeze bottles and jars.

Where will you find us?

Supply us with your name and full address at info@rawhoney.co.za so we can direct you to our nearest distributor.